The End

Thanks for reading my site.

If you're here, you've probably spent a few hours reading this site. I'm glad to have entertained and informed you. If I've infuriated or offended, that's an added bonus! Sometimes that's the best way to convey a message.


I'd like to summarise some of the most important points from this site:

Develop an unsentimental and industrial design mindset.

Set a very high bar for yourself. You're trying to make an amazing game, not a good one.

Remember that success in board game design is very difficult. Unless you have a properly-published game, assume you're not a good designer. Have a realistic evaluation of your games. Be honest about the task that lies ahead.


Pick apart every game you play, and try to gain a fundamental understanding of what makes games fun or not. This isn't easy. Do it as best you can.

Complexity is the most common mistake in board game design. Your game is a few times too complicated.


The second most common problem is just that the game just isn't amazing.

The third most common problem is that the turn structure is bloated. These three problems are so pernicious because designers make excuses for them, can't see them, or think they're necessary or unsolvable. Assume they exist in your game. 

The end

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We're just at the beginning of this project.

The best games are yet to come.

Good luck on your journey.

— Daniel

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